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Light Wand 24 v2

Paint with LIGHT!  Inspired by poi and glow sticks used by dancers, our version serves up a perfect portion of retro graphics!  Just swing it around and create a mesmerizing display of your favorite characters and images! Each wand includes a collection of 4-14 patterns inspired by our favorite shows, games, and cultures. Let the wand cycle through all the patterns, or choose your favorite by pressing the button. We’re always making new patterns!  Some of our collections are shown below, but they are being updated as we make new art.  If you have something special that you would like to see in a wand, please contact us, and we can make a personalized one for you!


  • Lithium powered!
  • Recharge by USB
  • Works through Persistence of Vision (POV)
  • 24 pixel resolution
  • 15" long X 1" wide
  • Patterns cycle about once every 6 seconds
  • Improved durability and clarity!
  • Price: $125 each + shipping

Thanks to our fans, we sold all our inventory at Bronycon!  We are starting a new batch of wands now!  Please send us your information and we will let you know when they are ready for purchase.  Reserve yours now so we can be sure we make enough!

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